Tuesday, May 31, 2011

12 Nickels = 1 GW

What is it?

Is the process taking place in the E-Cat something like the following:
Atoms of hydrogen must be brought into intimate contact with the atoms of nickel to initiate the fusion process.
But you have to overcome the Coulomb Barrier which would require a sufficient energy level of 10KeV or about 100,000,000 degrees Kelvin.
Then, you would have to confine this process somehow.
The metallic lattice structure of the element nickel seems to be the key to the operation of the E-Cat.
The hydrogen could be trapped in the nickel's lattice structure and confined, especially if the form is some type of nano powder. Bring up the temperature and fusion could be initiated.

For the amount of nickel metal that is the same weight as twelve 5-cent pieces (12 Nickels – around 60 grams), you could theoretically generate 1 Giga Watt of energy!

1.21 GigaWatts?... Great Scott!
Hello Mr. Fusion!!

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