Wednesday, December 28, 2011


So much has been written of the Energy Catalyser of late that it’s becoming harder to discern any real credible and noteworthy news - to separate the wheat from the chaff, so to speak.

I’ve withheld any recent posts to this modest blog as I feel it is somewhat irresponsible to continue to espouse on some E-Cat related news reports that may only be hyperbole.
So instead, I’ve been reading through other’s blogs looking for any items which I may have not been aware of.

One which I’ve just happened to begin reading again was Steven Krivit’s New Energy Times Blog.
The only reason that I happened on it was reading my web logs and noticing considerable traffic being referred from this site.

I noticed that he had a recent post which claims that the multitude of Rossi, E-Cat, LENR pages that recently surfaced is due to a form of “tribalization”.

My blog was listed along with many other blogs supportive to Andrea Rossi and the potential of his invention had been posted under the tagline of “The E-Cat Tribe”.

According to a quotation in his post from Ugo Bardi of the University of Florence, it would appear that if something spurs a flurry of great interest within cyberspace it becomes a “virtual tribe”. Basically, all just repeating the same thing others have recently reported. Funny, I thought thats how the Internet worked and things of interest whether relevant and topical,  or not,  goes “viral”.

I imagine that it annoys the likes of someone so predisposed to a ridged scientific approach to any unfounded claims of a means of revolutionary energy production.

Regardless, I thank Mr. Krivit for his generosity, unintentional as it probably was.

Rossi Expects Certification in 9 Months - No Competion Expected

Andrea Rossi mentions in the Journal of Nuclear Physics that he expects to have compliance certification by next Fall.
Just what government body is going to authorize this "certification" is unknown.
From deducing his comment, it appears that when he says ..."are in course" he is saying that the certification process has started.

Rossi also has indicated that he expects to sell well over one million units, initially. And that he also expects them to be priced so that any competing products from other manufactures would be essentially eliminated.

  • Andrea Rossi
    Dear Pachu:
    I am telling that we are working 16 hours per day to reach the target to make 1 million E-Cats to put the price so down to make it at disposal of everybody and to make useless the reverse engineering. We have to make this, I think we will make this:
    Yes, w E-cat!
    Warm Regards,
  • Pachu
    Mr. Rossi:
    Are you really telling that you can make 1 million e-cats in a year (2740 per day)?
  • Andrea Rossi
    Dear Craig:
    To give the name of a Customer of ours means that within 1 day he will receive hundreds of mails, phone calls, letters, most of them from snakes, creating a lss of time. To avoid all this meaningless noise, we will give the reference only in due time. For now t is premature.
    The sale of our E-Cats will not depend on tis factor, believe me. We will put for sale 1 million E-Cats at price lower than normal heating systems.
    Warm Regards,