Suppression of technology

The Federation of American Scientists reported that the secrecy surrounding inventions is still going strong. The report that at the end of fiscal year 2010, 5135 inventions were under “Secrecy Orders”. The highest number in over a decade. Even though the majority of the secrecy orders are for items of real national concern.
The most worrying aspect is that a 1971 report obtained under a Freedom of Information act showed that there were secrecy orders for inventions that were particularly Energy Efficient. Some photovoltaics in excess of 70-80% efficiency were subject to review and possible restriction.
These technologies are being deliberately suppressed in order to preserve a Global Hierarchy of profiteering and control.
Who benefits from the control?
The Oil Industry benefits from the status quo.
Gas, Coal and Fossil sectors benefit.
The Nuclear power industry benefits, as do many Mega Corporations involved in this.
Are we really supposed to believe that we’ve not made any significant advances in energy generation in the past 100 years?
Hundreds of large an influential corporations and people with commercial interests have seen to it that exotic energy technologies remain secret.