Wednesday, December 28, 2011


So much has been written of the Energy Catalyser of late that it’s becoming harder to discern any real credible and noteworthy news - to separate the wheat from the chaff, so to speak.

I’ve withheld any recent posts to this modest blog as I feel it is somewhat irresponsible to continue to espouse on some E-Cat related news reports that may only be hyperbole.
So instead, I’ve been reading through other’s blogs looking for any items which I may have not been aware of.

One which I’ve just happened to begin reading again was Steven Krivit’s New Energy Times Blog.
The only reason that I happened on it was reading my web logs and noticing considerable traffic being referred from this site.

I noticed that he had a recent post which claims that the multitude of Rossi, E-Cat, LENR pages that recently surfaced is due to a form of “tribalization”.

My blog was listed along with many other blogs supportive to Andrea Rossi and the potential of his invention had been posted under the tagline of “The E-Cat Tribe”.

According to a quotation in his post from Ugo Bardi of the University of Florence, it would appear that if something spurs a flurry of great interest within cyberspace it becomes a “virtual tribe”. Basically, all just repeating the same thing others have recently reported. Funny, I thought thats how the Internet worked and things of interest whether relevant and topical,  or not,  goes “viral”.

I imagine that it annoys the likes of someone so predisposed to a ridged scientific approach to any unfounded claims of a means of revolutionary energy production.

Regardless, I thank Mr. Krivit for his generosity, unintentional as it probably was.

Rossi Expects Certification in 9 Months - No Competion Expected

Andrea Rossi mentions in the Journal of Nuclear Physics that he expects to have compliance certification by next Fall.
Just what government body is going to authorize this "certification" is unknown.
From deducing his comment, it appears that when he says ..."are in course" he is saying that the certification process has started.

Rossi also has indicated that he expects to sell well over one million units, initially. And that he also expects them to be priced so that any competing products from other manufactures would be essentially eliminated.

  • Andrea Rossi
    Dear Pachu:
    I am telling that we are working 16 hours per day to reach the target to make 1 million E-Cats to put the price so down to make it at disposal of everybody and to make useless the reverse engineering. We have to make this, I think we will make this:
    Yes, w E-cat!
    Warm Regards,
  • Pachu
    Mr. Rossi:
    Are you really telling that you can make 1 million e-cats in a year (2740 per day)?
  • Andrea Rossi
    Dear Craig:
    To give the name of a Customer of ours means that within 1 day he will receive hundreds of mails, phone calls, letters, most of them from snakes, creating a lss of time. To avoid all this meaningless noise, we will give the reference only in due time. For now t is premature.
    The sale of our E-Cats will not depend on tis factor, believe me. We will put for sale 1 million E-Cats at price lower than normal heating systems.
    Warm Regards,

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Defkalion and their Hyperion LENR

Here is the official release of Defkalion G.T.G. model of energy generator.

Whether or not it infringes on Andrea Rossi's E-Cat invention will still need to be sorted out.
As said before, Rossi had never given them any information on the details of the E-cat or had given them an actual device. If there is similarity between the E-Cat and the Hyperion, they may have surreptitiously obtained confidential data from Rossi by convert means. 
More to follow on this story.


Wednesday 30th November, 2011Today, and through our company website, Praxen – Defkalion Green Technologies Global has disclosed its current work on Nickel and Hydrogen exothermic reaction using Chemically Assisted Low Energy Nuclear Reactions.

The provided Technical Specifications Sheet is a first preparation of our pre-industrial Hyperion product. This data has been tested with progress made towards the design of a final product ready for market entry in 2012.

Hyperion products will be introduced into the global market with applications for buildings, agriculture and industrial energy needs.

Beyond the completion of the final product with all necessary certificates, our company has three key objectives for 2012:

1. Agreements with companies for exclusive licenses according to country / territory

We have received interest in our license agreements from 850 companies from 60 countries. They have already received an invitation for testing our products on the basis of a license for their country. We expect to sign contracts in 2012 and have already started talks.

2. Third party independent tests for scientific purposes and advancement of theory

Praxen – Defkalion Green Technologies is a strong supporter of LENR technologies globally. Greece can become the global centre for R&D on LENR technologies. We have already received numerous requests from leading scientific authorities, academic institutions and national laboratories from key countries to conduct tests on our products. Our policy is to accept their requests, under agreed protocol, and to allow publication of their findings. The process of agreeing to dates for such tests depends on the availability of our staff and labs, keeping in mind that we run a business, not a technology show room.

3. R&D-based joint venture partnerships with companies in niche market applications

There are many applications that stand alone Hyperion products cannot service. In these cases, we will enter into joint venture agreements with companies that have specialized know-how and technologies in their field, but who will be able to utilize and capitalize on our technology to create entirely new products with ours. Examples of such partnerships have come from interested companies in the fields of marine propulsion, water desalination, off-shore drilling, trains, telecom towers, heavy vehicles, and micro energy sources. These agreements will be consistent with Praxen – Defkalion Green Technologies Global product development and R&D efforts.


Nyteknik has a story on the possibility that Defkalion had very well obtained the Rossi secret.

Friday, November 18, 2011

The officially sanctioned E-Cat website has surfaced

According to Andrea Rossi, the ECAT site has been authorized by Rossi himself to promote the devices and to take preorders on the 1 MW thermal plants. The home units will not be available until 2013.
Again, according to Rossi, the site had been created and maintained by one of Rossi’s partners that is the North European partners. The site is run by a British company Hydrofusion but run by four Swedish entrepreneurs – CEO Magnus Holm, Niclas Sandström who is operations manager in the UK, sales manager Peter La Terra and Stefan Helgesson who is a web strategist.
Magnus Holm has a D.Tech and Niclas Sandström a PhD in elementary particle physics at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg. See the Nyteknik article here.
The site appears well designed and gives credence to the narrative that’s been unfolding in the last several months.
Also in the news, an article on the website which states that globally recognized National Instruments has been signed on to manufacture the control electronics for the E-Cat.
According to the article, N.I. had been contacted by the article’s writer, Sterling Allan to verify this relationship. They had confirmed the fact Andrea Rossi is a customer of theirs but could not comment on any contractual agreement for manufacturing of the controllers. They seemingly acknowledged that there was “something” in the works, but cited that no further information could be made available to the public without the customer issuing a press release.
In recent days it appeared that the same Sterling Allan had attempted to create a website for the Andrea Rossi. There may have been some misunderstanding in the communications between Rossi and Allan as the site was initially accepted by Rossi and then was requested to be taken down.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Rossi’s Approach to Commercialization

In reading Rossi’s blog, what seems to be emerging is a multi-step plan for commercialization of the technology.
Firstly, Rossi wants to research and develop electrical power plants. He intends to do this while marketing the first generation 1 MW thermal plants.
Next, he wants to concentrate his efforts in optimizing the manufacturing process for the catalyzers.
As theses first units are all hand built I would imagine that refinements made in manufacturing process would lead to a lower cost per unit.
He envisions selling the electrical power plants immediately followed by selling the household plants.

As the cold winter weather is fast approaching for many in the mid and Eastern portions of the US, any announcement of the E-Cat would be a great interest.
In a recent piece done by NPR, oil prices are expected to spike to an all time record this winter.
The price of crude oil has skyrocketed up 40 percent.
Most of the explanation for the surge in price is due to the overly expanding markets in India and China.
The oil market is tighter and there is a very strong demand for product and there may be some shortages of oil supplies as the cold weather sets in.

It’s a serious situation as people look for any alternatives to keeping warm.
Desperation is rampant as people look for alternatives such as getting space heaters. These can be hazardous if not properly installed with adequate ventilation required to exhaust to CO (carbon monoxide) products.
Natural gas prices are expected to be somewhat lower this year as supplies are good but any unusually cold winter weather would wipe out any savings.

If Andrea Rossi can get the home version of the thermal heating plant out the door as fast as possible, it would be a boon for those of us in colder climes.  

Friday, November 4, 2011

News Organizations Finally Picking up on Andrea Rossi and his Marvelous Invention

Finally, after months of silence, news organizations are "getting with the program" of informing the public of Andrea Rossi and his E-Cat.

Here are some of the most current and interesting news tidbits:

CBS News is getting the picture with this positive article in their SciTech section. claims to be the number 1 source of news and information in the petroleum industry. So anything that would impact their commerce is sure to make news.
I particularly liked the ending comment.
“Needless to say, major industries - coal, oil, nuclear, green, etc. - and economic relationships between nations would be upset by a rapid transition away from increasing costly fossil fuels. What happens to oil in all this is hard to say. Complete transition to nuclear fusion would likely take decades to accomplish. High costs for fossil fuels would be a major incentive, but simply re-provisioning 7 or 8 billion people would be a major job. This would suggest that higher oil prices will remain a factor in our lives no matter what happens with other sources of energy.”

MSNBC had a pretty good story. 

They are linking to a story from Natalie Wolchover of Life’s Little Mysteries.

Wired had a somewhat upbeat piece. had a couple of stories on Rossi and the E-Cat.
This one is a little snide and laced with ridicule.
Then, this article appeared in Slashdot during last Friday's testing with many comments by the readers. 

Surprisingly, many of the technically oriented readers are still skittish on the possibility of coldfusion/LENR.
I think they truly want to believe that it can work, but like so many others, have been burnt from before.
I think it's pretty much epidemic in today's world. We've lost confidence and hope in the possibility of tomorrow.

When I was a kid of the early sixty's there was lots of eagerness to explore the hope and dreams of tomorrow. Many young kids with a scientific bent were experimenting with amateur rocketry during our space race with the Russians. Kids were dreaming of the exciting times ahead.
Walt Disney once said that "if you can dream it you can do it" and that saying resounded in many of us during those times.
We've become so cynical and disbelieving.

What happened to that enthusiasm?

Blame our leaders for this turn of events.
Call me an idealist!

Nevertheless, had a couple of articles on the promise of the E-Cat. One article was written by Mark Gibbs who had also sent articles to Computerworld.
This had immediately followed a somewhat less enthusiastic article by Mark Mills 

Looks like there has been a lot of trepidation on the part of the media on covering this.
Apparently its the lingering fear of ridicule that still remains after 20 years following the Ponds and Fleishman (academically induced) discreditation.
UK's DailyMail has one new article which has a negative slant towards Rossi and the possibility of unlimited energy. They cite previous attempts as hoaxes and reading their banner pretty much sums up their opinion:
"Italian scientist claims he has achieved 'cold fusion' - the only problem is that most physicists think it is impossible"

There's still nothing from science writer Peter Svensson of the Associated Press during his coverage of the October 28th customer testing.
There was rumor that it was purposely squelched from publication with a directive from A.P. chief of their national desk.
The American has more on this.

So, you still don’t believe that the ruling elite has an agenda to try to suppress, detract, subvert, discredit any mention of this revolutionary technology?  

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Future Plans, Post Testing Assessment

Rossi indicates that there will be delays in getting the smaller modules certified with the necessary compliances for marketing in the USA and in Europe. They may take an additional 1 to 2 years.
They are only currently ready to sell only the 1 mW plants primarily for steam, hot water and hot air generation for larger industrial needs.
Units have been reportedly sold to customers in the USA and in Europe.
There had been some questions circulating among the readers as to why the plant had never delivered on the promised 1 million watts of thermal energy production.
According to various sources the explanation is that the modules were somewhat unstable when fully pressurized with the hydrogen gas.
Rossi has said many times that there were instability problems in regulating the reaction process when used in a self-sustaining mode of operation. He also maintained that the best (and safest) mode of operations were to take place when the modules are driven with a small amount of external heat energy applied to the core. This is usually accomplished by utilizing the electrical heating resistors incorporated in the catalizer. Rossi had had many accidental explosions when the modules were driven in full self-sustained mode. It appears as though there is some sort of thermal runaway that drives the modules to self destruction.
It was understood that those problems had been rectified in the later designs of the modules. That was the significant reason to increase the output of the modules from the first design and reduce to overall count in the 1 mW plant.
Apparently, there are still some remaining issues with the design. During last Friday's testing, it had been decided, for safety sake, to reduce the hydrogen pressure within the modules. This would still allow for the self-sustained mode of operation but it also had the effect of lowering the overall output of the modules. Consequently, the plant only obtained around half the total expected energy production.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Sold! – Customer accepts E-Cat

Putting it altogether from a number of different sources, it would appear that Andrea Rossi accomplished exactly what he set out to do.
He built a power device, utilizing LENR technology, capable of producing thermal power without the need for any additional power input.
Created for a yet unidentified customer of particular significance, this entire project was self-financed by Rossi himself. Payment from the Customer would only be attained after satisfactorily demonstrating the power generation capability of the plant in self-sustaining mode.
The plant was to have been comprised of 116 modules mounted inside and on the roof of the shipping container.
Two liquid pumps supplied these modules with the cooling water, which then was heated to boiling, and the steam was directed out of the container to the four large chillers. Pumps then returned the condensate to the water holding tanks.
Domenico Fioravanti was the Customer’s process control official overseeing the adherence to the specification outlined in the contract.
He attended to the measurements of steam temperature at the outlet and inlet water temperatures.
Andrea Rossi was busily measuring the temperatures of the individual catalysers.
According to the examiner, Fioravanti started the electrical heating of the modules from the external generator around 10:30 AM with the initial power at 120 kW. After which power was gradually increased to 180 kW.
At approximately 12:30 PM the plant began operating in self-sustained mode and the power immersion heaters used to “ignite” the process were shut off. They then ran the device without any energy input other than that used to run the pumps and the fans. The plant ran in this manner for five and one half hours.
Total energy production that was developed between 12:30 PM to 6:00 PM was calculated from the amount of water heated and evaporated during this time.
The water flow measured with two water counters and according to the verifier’s report, the unit evolved a total of 2525 kWh.
Excluding the energy used to power the pumps and fans (66 kW) a total net production of 2560 kWh was produced giving an average power output of 467 kW.
Deducting the energy supplied during the heating mode – pre ignition, 320 kWh at an average power of 180 kW, the net energy produced is still 2279 kWh. This does not take into account the amount of energy produced before the self-sustained mode of operation of the modules.
There was no radiation detected above normal, background levels according to David Bianchini of Bologna University.
Power production had to be terminated after the reactor temperatures rose too high according to Rossi.
None of the guests invited to the demonstration, other than the customer’s representatives, were allowed to check the measurements or were allowed to observe the plant in operation for more than a brief amount of time. 

Yes - It's a Breakthrough!

Rossi's testing of the 1 MW plant is currently being tested by his mysterious customer.
Self sustaining mode has been achieved with a production of 470 KW. Not quite the expected output but conclusive evidence that something wonderful his happening.
Reporters from the Associated Press were on-hand during the event. According to Daniel Passerini, A.P. has an exclusive for today but will expire tonight thereby allowing other news agencies to cover this.
Video of the event has been created. Those in attendace have been filmed but the engineers for the Custmer refused to be filmed.
A brief interview video has just been posted with Rossi  agreeing that this is a breakthrough in energy production.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Andrea Rossi Finishing Touches on the 1 MW Plant

In some last minute comments on the journal-of-nuclear-physics website, Rossi offers us a “A-OK” for tomorrow’s event.
Following a number of days, weeks and months of pressure preparing for the deadline of tomorrow’s customer acceptance testing, Rossi indicates that the Plant is ready to go and a he is felling a bit of a relief.
The Customer representatives are scheduled to arrive shortly for some final reviews prior to the commencement of the testing process.

·  Andrea Rossi
Dear RockEye:
Thank you: now it’s 4 p.m. of the 27th, and we are finishing the cosmetics of the plant. I think tomorrow we will make, with the help of God, a good job. My work, basically, is finished. Within one hour the Consultants of the Customer will arrive to start the check of all the parts of the plant and prepare all their stuff for the test of tomorrow. Until some hour ago I felt a strong pressure, now, at the eve of the battle, as usual, I am recovering all my coldness and calm. We are ready.
Warm Regards,

Godspeed Andrea Rossi and to your 1 MW Energy Plant.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Prof. Sergio Focardi on the E-Cat - An Energy Revolution

A new video from that mysterious has just emerged interviewing Sergio Focardi, professor emeritus of Bologna University.
Professor Focardi was instrumental in discovering the process which is utilized in Rossi’s E-cat energy catalyzer
In summary, he express that the energy problems of society will be solved by this system and energy will exist forever with this system.
He acknowledges that this is the beginning of an energy revolution and that most people are unaware of the ramifications of this technology.
Also that all energy producing systems that are currently used today will be gone within 150 years.
In concludes that all materials utilized in the E-Cat are readily available in vast quantities and their existence would be inexhaustible. Unlike fossil fuels like natural gas, coal and petroleum which have a very limited reserves for the world’s needs – peak oil. 

Exciting times ahead.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

While away time to Firday

The question keeps coming up of who this mysterious buyer of Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat is but the answers are sill speculative.
Rossi has refused to give out any tangible information other than alluding to it being an entity of some significance.

Posters to the many blogs related to Rossi and the E-Cat are considering that it may anything from an Italian based manufacturer to a large multinational conglomerate.
A very good analysis on the matter is available on

In reading the various blogs it’s becoming apparent that the naysayers and skeptics have pretty much quieted down. Initially, they were mocking Rossi and his invention – now they’ve apparently joined in the ranks of the believers.

Tempered excitement of what will occur with Friday’s event has been the overall impression. I imagine that many people following the E-Cat are waiting with baited breath, barely able to contain themselves.
I for one am. It certainly would be delightful to receive some significant news Friday. Not just that the unknown customer’s validation testing has commenced, but also that there is some real signs of genuine validity. Not second or third-hand reporting on the outcome of the testing but how about a live streaming video feed so we can watch? Rossi had once discussed that there was a possibility of this but it was soon dampened with reports that the customer wanted minimal disclosure to the public.

Over the last several months there have only been a handful of witnesses to the actual operation of the catalyzer, and more recently, to the 1mw plant.
I personally believe in the E-Cat’s operation and that the effect is reproducible and the ramifications to industry, the benefit to mankind and the health of this planet. The actual theory of its operation may take additional time to formulate.

Apparently many of us following this behave as evangelical followers trying to persuade other people to also become aware of the significance promised in the E-Cat. We ourselves have already recognize the earth shattering ramification and wish to enlighten others.
That’s a somewhat difficult task without mainstream media’s help.

There still is scant coverage from any significant media.
Oh yes, there have been some news articles on Wired On-line and other technically oriented news providers. The Forbes article did some good, I’m sure, to offer a hint to the more capitalistic minded individuals of society. But little else is making it to large circulation media like television and newspapers.

It also is concluded that Rossi could really care less about the media and it’s dearth of coverage about his invention. He has more important business to attend to in these final few days remaining.

But selfishly, I wouldn’t mind seeing a little coverage of the E-Cat in Time Magazine or a piece airing on ABC’s World News, or on the CNN Channel!  

Thursday, October 20, 2011

In One Week’s Time, We’ll All Know

One week from tomorrow Rossi is expected to have his mysterious customer begin the testing of the 1 MW plant.
It had been stated from the beginning that Rossi would only be paid for the plant after the Customer validated that it worked as described.
The formal testing was to take approximately 2 months to complete after which the Customer would either accept the product (and pay Rossi) or reject it.
Originally it was to have been Defkalion Green Technologies as the customer and the tests were to be in located in Xanthi, Greece. This was also to be the site of the manufacturing of the E-Cats.
But things changed and Defkalion fell out of the picture as there were some contractual issues that had arose between Rossi and Defkalion.
Around the same time it was announced by Rossi that a 1 MW plant would be built in the US.
Speculation was high that it would be for the US client that AmpEnergo had a hand in bringing to the table.
That customer was to be a very large and powerful entity.
It was speculated that because of the connections that the key people of AmpEnergo had with the Department of Energy, it would be a significant player.
Things have changed once again.
As we know, the only 1 MW plant is still in Bologna. Unless Rossi had some clandestine operation secretly building a second plant in the U.S. at the same time as the one in Italy, it would appear that next week's customer validation testing will commence in Italy.
Andrea Rossi had mentioned having the event covered by live video streaming. That would be a plus.
We who have been following this from the beginning are anxious beyond words.
Scant media coverage has been following this possibly historic event. There was the Wired piece and the recent articles in Forbes, Computer World and Network World. BTW: All three were from the same author - Mark Gibbs. Mark had done more than anyone thus far in spreading the news to the masses. Thanks Mark!
Aside from these, little else is to be had.
Will there be a new world next Friday or will it be the end of another mundane week?
Time is running out on Rossi’s initial promise of inaugurating the plant by the end of October and the world is eager for a conclusion.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Results of the Successful October 6th Test in Bologna are in

Well, it looks as though a total of around 3.5 hours of continual heat produced in self-sustaining mode after an initial run-up of 4 hours to archive self-sustaining.
The results have seemed to quell some of the skeptics out there bu there are still questions and anomalies used in the procedures.
Production of energy was at between 2kW-3kW – around 33% of maximum efficiency. The module is supposed to deliver 27kW of thermal energy.
The real energy production of the device was diminished as there was a significant loss wasted as heat loss with the insulation having been removed.
Total Hydrogen used during the test was about 2 grams
The amount of Ni could not readily be measured as it was internal to the reactor.
If you haven’t seen the results just yet here’s a copy by Mats Lewan of NyTeknik.
The testing finished yesterday around midnight, Italian time.
Rossi and Co. then resumed their work on the 1MW plant this morning at 6:00 AM.

What’s been puzzling me is that the mentioning of a “device producing frequencies” in the summary.
This very question was posed to Andrea Rossi just today and he refuses to commit on this.
·  Dear Francesco Toro:
If the water flow stops for a misfunction, the nickel melts and the reactor cannot work. It’s an intrinsic safety system. Anyway we will provide an emergency water supply, automatically activated through a by pass in case of overheating, to save the charge.
Warm Regards,
·  Andrea Rossi
Dear Sverre Hanch Haslund:
Sorry, it’s confidential.
Warm Regards,
·  Sverre Hanch Haslund
Dear Mr. Rossi,
In Mats Lewan’s detailed report, at 15:53, the following is noted :
“Power to the resistance was set to zero.
A device “producing frequencies” was switched on.
Overall current 432 mA. Voltage 230 V.
Current through resistance was zero, voltage also zero.
From this moment the E-cat ran in self sustained mode.”

Wonder if this as yet unannounced device is something similar to what the Brillouin Energy device utilizes?
The Brillouin device utilizes an “Electro-Magnetic Pulses” of energy which are applied to the pressurized Ni-H to then produce the production of energy.
You can read more about the technology here.

Could that “Secret Catalyst” that has been the constant topic of speculation and consternation by some and it's facts withheld from the public actually be a process applied to the Ni-H in the reactor and not any sort of physical material?

Also, another question made mention today was the weight of the apparatus.The weight of the module has increased with a measured decreased production of power - 3kW.
To this Rossi claims that it’s due to the fact that the added weight of the newly added heat exchanger, lead shielding and thermal insulation that adds up. As far as the power output, the module only had the one reactor unit running during the test whereas the 2 idle reactors could also be utilized.

The story goes that Rossi and the “mysterious” customer are now at an impasse.
The plant was supposed have already been shipped but it is still in Bologna.
Rossi cites that he was advised by his lawyer that there were some discrepancies in the actual terms of the contract and not to agree to it.
Hmmm. Sort of sounds reminiscent of the Defkalion thing.

Rossi emphatically states that there will still be a public unveiling of the 1mW plant somewhere.
I’ve read that it will still be in the US but the shipping time is now a factor and the window of opportunity is diminishing to get it here in time. Maybe it’ll be air shipped to the US. Maybe the plant will actually be demoed in Italy. It’s all up in the air to us, the eagerly awaiting public.
Rossi standing in front of the 1mW plant at yesterday's test

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Rossi’s E-Cat Finally Starts Making Media Headway while Today's Testing Runs

Just read an article on about Rossi and his E-Cat.
"Cold fusion rears its head as 'E-Cat' research promises to change the world"
The article summarizes the beginnings of Cold Fusion research with the Pons and Fleischmann observations and its later media fiasco to the operational process of Rossi’s E-Cat’s and its functioning.
In the article there were various mentioning’s of the possibility of it all being a hoax, Krivit’s flawed analysis against the E-Cat’s validity, the endorsement by the Nobel laureate Brian Josephson, DARPA’s investigations into LENR research, Ampenergo and Defkalion.
It  was interspersed with the US Navel Research Facility previous work into the field and the findings by the two Swedish scientist,Kullander and Essénand the coverage by the Swedish NTeknik magazine confirmations made by the Skeptics Society.
All and all, its the beginning of some reasonable mainstream coverage.

Tweets from today’s test by 

Daniele Passerini at 22passi with his live coverage of the test concurs that the E-Cat is running flawlessly in self sustaining mode and is very impressive to behold.

This just in:
The E-Cat had just been shut down to cool off as was planed for. This will then allow for an open inspection of the apparatus to occur by the scientists and engineers present at today's demonstration.

Hey! The story also fianlly made it to Slashdot with lots of discussion.

Friday, September 23, 2011

CERN: Neutrinos are faster than the speed of light

Spool-up the FTL drives.
Scientists are shocked at the new discovery which shakes the bedrock of modern physics.
There are things that travel faster than the speed of light.
This is the seemingly impossible result of the OPERA experiment in which the subatomic particles, neutrinos are shown to be faster than the speed of light and are confounding researchers at CERN and elsewhere.
The OPERA neutrino oscillation experiment produces streams of neutrinos that are directed to the Gran Sasso National Laboratory in Italy. 
The tiny particles have been shot from CERN’s Large Hadron Collider in Geneva, Switzerland to to the Gran Sasso Labs in Italy over 730 km (400 mi.) away. It just so happens to arrive earlier than what’s thought possible. It was measured to be about 60 nanoseconds faster- much sooner than a beam of light traveling that same distance. 
Such an observation, if verified, would have enormous implications in our understanding of the fundamental laws of nature. This would also be a direct challenge to the foundations of Einstein’s theory that has been the cornerstone of theoretical physics for over a century.
There could be errors in their calculations of course. And the scientists at CERN are soliciting other researchers around the world to verify their findings for any potential errors or irregularities.
On the other hand, if the results could be proven correct, this would then require a complete revamping of modern-day understanding of the “Special Theory of Relativity” based on the fundamental law that nothing can move faster than the speed of light.
So, if there is something that is not thoroughly understood occurring in Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat, it may just be further evidence that we don't know everything - yet.
Just the beginning in the unraveling of the "old way" of thinking and the beginning of the New Era of science.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Siemens Calls it Quits with Nukes

According to Bloomberg News: Siemens AG will not be returning to the nuclear power industry.
This statement was made by Siemens CEO Peter Loescher during an interview with Der Spiegal.
Siemens, which was has built some of the largest reactors in the world has been slowly retreating from that industry over the last few years. Now that both German and Europe's attitude regarding nuclear plants have changed, Siemens viewpoint is that it's time to "close that chapter" in that business sector.
They have sold their stake in that field to French owned Areva S.A.
They will remain, however, in the design and manufacturing of steam turbines that can be used in coal-fired or nuclear power plants (did someone say E-cat?)
Siemens has been in business for over 150 years and employs more than 3300 people world-wide. The energy division of Siemens generates their second largest revenue source of more that $9.34 billion.
Lately they have been active in renewable energy with wind turbines that are used in wind farms from the Sahara to California. They have an installed capacity of over  9 gigawatts. Their largest wind turbine generates 2.3 megawatts and has a rotor blade diameter of over 330 feet.
They are also active in solar-thermal energy generators that uses a liquid salt medium.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ready… Set… Go!

The time is fast approaching for the public unveiling of the marvelous Rossi 1-MegaWatt fully-functional steam plant.
1-MW E-Cat energy plant
These photos have been recently surfaced from the Swedish Nyteknik website which has privileged rights to Andrea Rossi and his E-Cat. A video of the plant can also be found at Nyteknik
Steam out
Cold water in...
These photos that were taken at the Bologna assembly plant, show the new configuration of the plant. It now uses a optimized catalyzer that is reported to be self-sustaining (not requiring any external energy source) and produces more power than the originally intended units used in the plant.
In the originally proposed plant, there was to be around 300 smaller and more stable units. Those units also required a slight external power input needed for the creation of the excess power out. The rational by Ing. A. Rossi was that the smaller units were more stable but also required the external exciter or resistance heater energy input. Instead, 52 newer and more efficient units with a higher output of 27 kilowatts are being incorporated into the plant.
The plant, which appears to be a conventional 20 foot shipping container, is now in transit from Italy to the U.S.A. for the still unknown customer or organizational entity.
This “October Surprise” – the unveiling of the New Fire to leading scientists and the general public which have been conspicuous held ignorant by the media of this epoch making device.

What promises to be a historic inauguration of mankind into a new energy age is fast approaching.  

Friday, September 2, 2011

Is NASA to do the testing of the E-Cat?

Reports and rumors of an agreement between Eng. Rossi and NASA are running rampant on the web lately.
There seems to be more substance in this then what first might be thought.
Postings from various bogs sets the tone for an impending and thorough testing of the E-cat to commence tomorrow, September 3rd. 

According to the Italian blog Renewable Energy Sources Forum , “Rossi has agreed to carry out testing at NASA laboratories beginning tomorrow September 3rd.” 
See the previous posting here on Coldfire from June 10th regarding the viewpoint of Dennis Bushnell of NASA and their analysis of LENR technology. 

Could this alliance with NASA be what Rossi was alluding to in several of his previous blog postings. 
August 30th:The tests will last 2 months; the scientists will have full access to all but the reactors.” 
August 29th: You do not know the People I deal with, so you can’t understand. From my side, I am bound from confidentiality agreements, so I cannot disclose the names.” 
August 26th : The tests closed doors for the US Customer will start in september. As for the other issue, which I want not to deal publicly, the problem has been resolved.” 
On August 7th, Rossi said the following: "But the tech must go on, we signed a tremendous contract in the USA. The Customer has already made plans for 1,000 plants in the USA, and has the financial dimension for this."

If this is truly going to happen then this will be a milestone in bringing this activity of revolutionary technology to the forefront of headline news. And in the process, making the earth’s general populace aware of what is a truly a momentous event in mankind’s history.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

More convincing words from the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency

In a declassified Technology Forecast report from the DIA, it has been reported back in 2009 that-
 “If nuclear reactions in LENR experiments are real and controllable, DIA assesses that whoever produces the first commercialized LENR power source could revolutionize energy production and storage for the future."
Also mentioned in the report:
• If the excess heat from these experiments could be captured and intensified, could LENR be used as a power source for engines, batteries, or other equipment?
• If nuclear particles could be generated and transmute elements, could LENR be used to mitigate hazardous waste or to neutralize weapons of mass destruction?
• If the various modes of energy production could be identified and optimized, could LENR be used to create designer materials or critical resources that are in short supply or serve as a tailored, "dial-a-mode" power source?
• If rapid, explosive energy output can occur in one or several modes, could LENR serve as a new high-energy-density explosive?

Also said in the report– DIA assesses with high confidence that if LENR can produce nuclear-origin energy at room temperatures, this disruptive technology could revolutionize energy production and storage, since nuclear reactions release millions of times more energy per unit mass than do any known chemical fuel.

Why or why hasn't there been any media coverage on this??
Read the report for yourself at Wikipedia

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Waiting in Anticipation

Rossi maintains that a 1 MW plant will delivered within October and that the testing of it and the technology behind it will begin at the same time. And, that the formal testing will last for approximately two months. The scientists who will be in attendance will have full access to the reactor.
The still yet unidentified buyer will then take possession of the plant after their acceptance validation.
The price paid or to be paid to Rossi from this buyer has not been disclosed.
Rossi promises to have photographs of the plant to be available sometime in September.
Rossi may be inviting some worthy members of the public during his unveiling. Supporters and even possibly detractors of his invention may be invited to attend.
Rossi his still faced with the fact that his device only produces heat at this time but that is being addresses. He is looking at other technology that may then convert that heat into usable electricity, obviously, with the greatest possible efficiency.
He still is working hard on perfecting this device with 16 hours per day on those remaining issues.
There may be a plant located somewhere here in California. Rumor has it that it may be located somewhere in the San Francisco Bay area to take advantage of the centralized high-technology environment which is located here. But it just as well may be located elsewhere in the state where land is not at such a premium price.
Rossi also noted that he has been researching cold fusion since 1990 and that he got a burst of energy in 1998. He does not describe what this was.
He is not taking any unsolicited support of help or assistance from the outside of his close partners. Requests to assist Rossi from readers of his blog are being politely refused.
When asked why no one in the main-stream academia here in America has not heard of his invention, Rossi replies that “we have found tremendously good partners in the US”.
Rossi alludes to the fact that his partners here in the US apparently have vast resources and are quite influential.
It’s been reported that Members of the Canadian Minister of Energy are watching this event unfold with the greatest interest.
Job creation his one of the main goals of Rossi’s work. He hopes to generate thousands, if not millions, of jobs in the long term from this technology. WOW, I sure hope so!
Rossi maintains that there is a organization of “snakes” (as he terms them) that repeatedly tries to discredit and ridicule his works. He doesn’t seem at all threaten by them and is adamant that when his working plant is ultimately demonstrated all of these naysayers will be swept away.

So, we'll just sit out and wait for the remaining days to pass by hoping that our expectations are met.