Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Waiting in Anticipation

Rossi maintains that a 1 MW plant will delivered within October and that the testing of it and the technology behind it will begin at the same time. And, that the formal testing will last for approximately two months. The scientists who will be in attendance will have full access to the reactor.
The still yet unidentified buyer will then take possession of the plant after their acceptance validation.
The price paid or to be paid to Rossi from this buyer has not been disclosed.
Rossi promises to have photographs of the plant to be available sometime in September.
Rossi may be inviting some worthy members of the public during his unveiling. Supporters and even possibly detractors of his invention may be invited to attend.
Rossi his still faced with the fact that his device only produces heat at this time but that is being addresses. He is looking at other technology that may then convert that heat into usable electricity, obviously, with the greatest possible efficiency.
He still is working hard on perfecting this device with 16 hours per day on those remaining issues.
There may be a plant located somewhere here in California. Rumor has it that it may be located somewhere in the San Francisco Bay area to take advantage of the centralized high-technology environment which is located here. But it just as well may be located elsewhere in the state where land is not at such a premium price.
Rossi also noted that he has been researching cold fusion since 1990 and that he got a burst of energy in 1998. He does not describe what this was.
He is not taking any unsolicited support of help or assistance from the outside of his close partners. Requests to assist Rossi from readers of his blog are being politely refused.
When asked why no one in the main-stream academia here in America has not heard of his invention, Rossi replies that “we have found tremendously good partners in the US”.
Rossi alludes to the fact that his partners here in the US apparently have vast resources and are quite influential.
It’s been reported that Members of the Canadian Minister of Energy are watching this event unfold with the greatest interest.
Job creation his one of the main goals of Rossi’s work. He hopes to generate thousands, if not millions, of jobs in the long term from this technology. WOW, I sure hope so!
Rossi maintains that there is a organization of “snakes” (as he terms them) that repeatedly tries to discredit and ridicule his works. He doesn’t seem at all threaten by them and is adamant that when his working plant is ultimately demonstrated all of these naysayers will be swept away.

So, we'll just sit out and wait for the remaining days to pass by hoping that our expectations are met.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Back and forth...

This technology is so hot and revolutionary that things are bound to be dynamic in getting this to market.
According to a report made on ColdfusionNow,  Channel 6 News of Greece reported that the two parties have made up and are back to the original plan of getting the plant running in Xanthi, Greece by the end of October.
A news clip contained an interview with Alexandros Xanthoulis, CEO of Defkalion Green Technologies, that states that the problem between inventory Andrea Rossi and Defkalion have been overcome. The original plans will proceed.
Also stated by Defkalion is that Rossi has every right to work with the US company as their agreement does not preclude it.
Seemingly, the short lived falling-out was due to the huge pressures that both Rossi and Defkalion are experiencing due to the enormity of the tasks at hand.
According to posts made today on Rossi’s site, Mr. Rossi emphatically denies that they have reconciled with Defkalion. Instead, they are proceeding with the US plant??
·  Andrea Rossi
Dear Sterling Allan:
It is totally false that EFA srl has cured the agreement with Defkalion. There is nothing at all to add to the press release already published the last week (August 6th 2011).
This answer is valid also for many other Readers who have asked us the same thing.
Andrea Rossi”
·  Andrea Rossi
Dear H. Visscher:
Again, and for the last time:

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

No promised plant in Greece - but one in the U.S.

Well, by now you’re probably aware of the impasse between Rossi and Defkalion.
Basically, Rossi has terminated the contract with Defkalion due to the inability by Defkalion to meet their contractual obligation with Rossi.
It’s a curious statement as there was not to any payments made to Rossi until after the 1MW plant in Xanthi was accepted by Defkalion.
Accordingly, Alexandros Xanthoulis who is the president of Defkalion insists the program is still a “go”
“We believe we have a project. We continue the project. We still have a lot of trust in Mr Rossi. We believe in the technology. But as you understand we are receiving a lot of pressure, also Rossi is receiving a lot of pressure internationally. And we believe that Rossi is more vulnerable than us to pressure. This will be fixed I believe.”
In addition to the above, a statement issued by Prof Christos Stremmenos indicates that the breach occurred of a ‘purely financial origin.

You can imagine that the situation has fueled more of the skeptics who believe this whole thing is a hoax. With the assertion that Rossi is right on script with the inability of showing the long promised  1 MW plant in Greece.

But according to a post today in Rossi’s, he assures us that there will be a plant in the good old USA by October.
“There are enlightened big Companies which are backing us. In October we will start up the 1 MW plant in the USA, you bet.”

Here’s a copy of the press announcement-
Andrea Rossi
August 7th, 2011 at 7:52 AM

Dear Marcia Pires:
Thank you for your question, and here is the
Bologna-Rome (Italy) August 4th 2011

EFA- Energia da Fonti Alternative srl, the Italian Company through which the rights for the production of Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat were granted to Praxen Defkalion Green Technologies LTD, publicly announces that the License and Technology Transfer Agreement between the two companies has been recently terminated. All business relationships with Praxen , the Cyprus based company that owns the Greek company Defkalion Green Technologies S.A., have been cancelled and as of today neither Praxen nor Defkalion, nor any other Greek company whatsoever holds any rights for the production of the E-Cat or for any other exploitation of Andrea Rossi’s technology.

Furthermore Andrea Rossi and EFA announce that no information, nor industrial secret, nor any technology whatsoever has been neither transferred, nor disclosed, neither to Praxen, nor to Defkalion, nor to any other Greek company whatsoever and currently Andrea Rossi and EFA are not planning to deal with any other project in Greece.

Not one single test, of the many demonstrations of the E-Cat technology held around the world, has ever been done in Greece; and no E-Cat has ever been brought, produced, or assembled in the territory of the Ellenic Republic: so not only the technology is still fully owned by Andrea Rossi’s company, Leonardo Corporation, but it still remains a well preserved industrial secret.

Any declaration or public announcement of third parties claiming possession of rights on the E-Cat technology and/or inside knowledge of said technology, as well as any statement of third parties in conflict with the above facts shall be considered a fake and treated as misleading information.

Andrea Rossi is the inventor of the "Method and Apparatus for carrying out Nickel and Hydrogen Exothermal reactions" (known to the general public as E-Cat) for which international patent demand no. WO2009/125444 is pending and Italian Patent office has already been issued on April 6th, 2011 the final patent no. 0001387256.

EFA Energia da Fonti Alternative s.r.l. is incorporated in Italy.

Leonardo Corporation is incorporated in New Hampshire, USA.
Contact: EFA srl- Via Marsili 4- 40124 Bologna- Italy