Friday, August 28, 2015

Patents, patents

It seems that sometime last night, our time, there was an announcement that Industrial Heat (the venture capitalist firm partnered with Rossi) has filed for a world patent on the ECAT.
This patent description has very, very detailed text on it's operation. So much so that anyone reading it and is skilled in fabrication could make one. And a lot of people plan to do just that.
It does not delve into the "fuel" as that has been covered in Rossi's already won US patent received on the 25th.
The peanut gallery conjecture is that this is part of the overall, multi-pronged attempt of  patent protection encompassing and all aspects of the E-Cat's operation but without saying the words - COLD FUSION or LENR or anything similar to that "crack-pot-pseudoscience" which immediately turns off the PO.
It allows for the protection of the device from many different aspects so as to prevent others from undermining Rossi, et al. plans in stealing away the device .
This is being accomplished by all the lawyer muscle provided by Cherokee Investments (that's the VC firm). There are purported to have some very big Boston law firm writing up this stuff.
It's nice to have deep pockets.
The "believers" like me, are in pandemonium with excitement of these last announcements. It stirs excitement and anticipation of what happens next.
Kinda of like watching a really riveting movie where you don't want to leave for a moment even to go to the restroom.
Very little is being said on this by the media. It figures as they have been hushed up about this from the beginning. But here's one small blurb about the latest revelations. From the Falls-Church Press!?! What? Who?
Anyway, this is the only thing I could find.
Gas prices are still dropping even during the Summer months. Oil prices for crude remain lower than in more than a decade.
Stock market is free falling. Global markets in turbulence.
$2.1 trillion erased from stocks in the last week.
Experts expect more to drop.
I guess this is what happens when you start shifting away 30% of the global economy from the ones that currently control it.
You know what it kind of reminds me of? It like in the movie Close Encounters in that one scene where the character played by Dreyfuss says to that women character as they are up in devil's tower watching it all unfold - "...we're the only ones that know!" 

Thursday, August 6, 2015

The End of Fossil Fuel Has Begun

With the recent Obama announcement of proposed regulations to limit greenhouse gases, one side of the fossil fuel pyramid is eroding.
Coal. The most commonly used fuel to feed America’s electrical power plants will now face a limited demand. In part, because the use of cheap natural gas supplies and in part because of looming new federal regulations.
Coal accounts for 28 percent of the greenhouse gasses produced in our country because of its use in the generation of electricity.
On Monday, in coincidence with Obama’s pledge to reduce the pollution from Coal fired electrical production, Alpha Natural Resources of Wyoming, one of the largest coal producers, had filed for Chapter 11 protection.
Does this flag the pending doom of one of the pillars of fossil fuel usage?
Is this also linked to the last years drop in oil prices?
Is all of the above related to a yet, unseen force directing away from the archaic use of fossil for energy production? Because of what – Solar?  
What else could be creating this tide of change?
Didn’t all the experts in financial circles predict that the Chinese markets for coal and oil will expand forever?
A few years ago, the so called “experts”, again, were forecasting the “Peak Oil” crisis. We were all going to experience the ever increasing costs of fuel because of the scarcity of the commodity. This huge market was climbing out of their poverty into the land of industrialization and they were going to consume vast amount of the stuff.
All BS – apparently.
Something had dramatically turned the tables on all these forecasts and I can’t believe that its renewables. I don’t think anyone with even a limited knowledge of markets can believe that line of reasoning.
What has put such a huge chink in the armor of fossil?
Could it be that some of the insiders, the really BIG insiders, know something about the recent break-outs in technology of cold fusion/LENR?
I believe that they do and its effect is beginning to take hold. Just look for yourselves.
Replication of the LENR effect first proclaimed by Andrea Rossi is now being duplicated in many laboratories around the world. 
There have been announcements of new corporations forming to push this technology forward.
Patent applications in the field of LENR or cold fusion technology are being applied for.
It’s somewhat different realization then what we had first hoped for - but it is happening.
LENR is becoming accepted as real and may be our best bet for the future.
LENR is not only for our future prosperity but also for our continued existence.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

E-Cat Report Released

The long awaited independent report on the E-Cat has surfaced

It's here.
It's positive.

With the 32 days of testing on the device the energy production results are positive – the COP factor is between 3.2 to 3.6 with temperature runs of 1260 degrees C to 1400 degrees C.
Total energy of 1.5 MWh from approximately 1 gram of fuel.
Heat produced beyond that of any chemical burning.
Fuel undergoes a nuclear transformation. Residual ash is being produced with indications of  isotopes of the metals nickle and lithium - Li 6 and Ni 62
No nuclear radioactive wastes product and no emission of radiation.
Additional materials used in reaction from what was first understood or revealed. The “secret sauce” composed of lithium and aluminum.
Reactor vessel composed of a silica-alumina composition.

To quote directly from the report's concluding remarks -
"...the performance of the E-Cat reactor is remarkable."

or  Here.

And be sure to read Mats Lewan's blog on the report along with more extensive coverage.