Friday, August 28, 2015

Patents, patents

It seems that sometime last night, our time, there was an announcement that Industrial Heat (the venture capitalist firm partnered with Rossi) has filed for a world patent on the ECAT.
This patent description has very, very detailed text on it's operation. So much so that anyone reading it and is skilled in fabrication could make one. And a lot of people plan to do just that.
It does not delve into the "fuel" as that has been covered in Rossi's already won US patent received on the 25th.
The peanut gallery conjecture is that this is part of the overall, multi-pronged attempt of  patent protection encompassing and all aspects of the E-Cat's operation but without saying the words - COLD FUSION or LENR or anything similar to that "crack-pot-pseudoscience" which immediately turns off the PO.
It allows for the protection of the device from many different aspects so as to prevent others from undermining Rossi, et al. plans in stealing away the device .
This is being accomplished by all the lawyer muscle provided by Cherokee Investments (that's the VC firm). There are purported to have some very big Boston law firm writing up this stuff.
It's nice to have deep pockets.
The "believers" like me, are in pandemonium with excitement of these last announcements. It stirs excitement and anticipation of what happens next.
Kinda of like watching a really riveting movie where you don't want to leave for a moment even to go to the restroom.
Very little is being said on this by the media. It figures as they have been hushed up about this from the beginning. But here's one small blurb about the latest revelations. From the Falls-Church Press!?! What? Who?
Anyway, this is the only thing I could find.
Gas prices are still dropping even during the Summer months. Oil prices for crude remain lower than in more than a decade.
Stock market is free falling. Global markets in turbulence.
$2.1 trillion erased from stocks in the last week.
Experts expect more to drop.
I guess this is what happens when you start shifting away 30% of the global economy from the ones that currently control it.
You know what it kind of reminds me of? It like in the movie Close Encounters in that one scene where the character played by Dreyfuss says to that women character as they are up in devil's tower watching it all unfold - "...we're the only ones that know!" 


  1. You really think oil prices have anything to do with LENR nonsense. Think again.

  2. No. I'm sure it has to do with oil shales! Like they (the BIG investors) didn't know anything about the supposed increased production by shales or fracking.
    Why is it that Warren Buffet dumped his oil stocks?
    You think again.

  3. Looking at the comments from people reacting to the article it would seem like a 50/50 split between those that believe Rossi is credible, and those that think the whole thing is a charade. But this is still such a small audience. I can only wonder what sort of dialog would be going on right now if Rossi/E-cat received major national coverage. The patent was well beyond my level of comprehension, so I'm really interesting in seeing what others are capable of doing with this information now. If this is indeed real, I believe Rossi should be well compensated for his discovery. However, the potential power (socioeconomic, political, monetary) of such a device and the repercussions it would have on humanity, are far greater than any one man. I'd like to see this become a more grassroots movement and not just another way for the deep-pocketed-elite to make even more money.

    Really fascinating stuff regardless - I so hope it materializes.

    1. Yes, when presented to the uninformed general public I would expect their reaction to this news to be skeptical.
      They had been condition in the past from the media which is driven by the corporate/political powers to be skeptical. Just like academia in wanting to keep their gold-mine, boondoggle of hot fusion research going using tax payer's money. Billions of dollars worth.
      The fact is that the device is really simple. So simple that it can be reproduced very easily. And it will be as the information now contained within these patent applications become distributed to the world.
      The intent was to protect the intellectual property rights because Rossi knew how very easy it was easy to reproduce. That's why he kept holding back on the "secret sauce" which is now out in the open. Cat's out of the bag? Ha, ha!
      So, in Industrial Heat's relationship with the Chinese the feasibility of mass producing these things for the world market would be rapid.
      So much so that it would quash anyone else intention on trying to compete. At least during the beginning.
      It will be reproduce, modified, refined, redesigned continuously.
      Think of the airplane.
      When it first came out their was just the Wright Brothers Bicycle co. that became the Wright Brothers Aeroplane Co., the Wright Company then eventually begat the Wright-Curtiss company (Curtis-Wright today) and a whole host of other, competing companies. Some long gone and some still with us. All making one thing - the airplane. All in various sizes and configurations for different purposes and refined and enhanced to the point that they are today.
      The airplane is really a simple thing - once you understand how it functions.
      But who invented it first or at least gets the recognition of inventing it?
      Orville and Wilbur.
      Did they think that in one-hundred, twelve years it would be what it is today?
      Probably not fully.
      If they did, would they have tried to protect the invention more?
      Rossi knows what his device can do, how really simple it is and what impact it will have on the world.
      Do you see why he's trying to protect the IP as much as he is legally able to before it gets out into the world?

      You mention grass-roots movement.
      The personal computer revolution was grass-roots.
      It had toppled all the big guys of the time. They were ignorant.
      Caused a complete upheaval.
      This will too.