Friday, October 28, 2011

Sold! – Customer accepts E-Cat

Putting it altogether from a number of different sources, it would appear that Andrea Rossi accomplished exactly what he set out to do.
He built a power device, utilizing LENR technology, capable of producing thermal power without the need for any additional power input.
Created for a yet unidentified customer of particular significance, this entire project was self-financed by Rossi himself. Payment from the Customer would only be attained after satisfactorily demonstrating the power generation capability of the plant in self-sustaining mode.
The plant was to have been comprised of 116 modules mounted inside and on the roof of the shipping container.
Two liquid pumps supplied these modules with the cooling water, which then was heated to boiling, and the steam was directed out of the container to the four large chillers. Pumps then returned the condensate to the water holding tanks.
Domenico Fioravanti was the Customer’s process control official overseeing the adherence to the specification outlined in the contract.
He attended to the measurements of steam temperature at the outlet and inlet water temperatures.
Andrea Rossi was busily measuring the temperatures of the individual catalysers.
According to the examiner, Fioravanti started the electrical heating of the modules from the external generator around 10:30 AM with the initial power at 120 kW. After which power was gradually increased to 180 kW.
At approximately 12:30 PM the plant began operating in self-sustained mode and the power immersion heaters used to “ignite” the process were shut off. They then ran the device without any energy input other than that used to run the pumps and the fans. The plant ran in this manner for five and one half hours.
Total energy production that was developed between 12:30 PM to 6:00 PM was calculated from the amount of water heated and evaporated during this time.
The water flow measured with two water counters and according to the verifier’s report, the unit evolved a total of 2525 kWh.
Excluding the energy used to power the pumps and fans (66 kW) a total net production of 2560 kWh was produced giving an average power output of 467 kW.
Deducting the energy supplied during the heating mode – pre ignition, 320 kWh at an average power of 180 kW, the net energy produced is still 2279 kWh. This does not take into account the amount of energy produced before the self-sustained mode of operation of the modules.
There was no radiation detected above normal, background levels according to David Bianchini of Bologna University.
Power production had to be terminated after the reactor temperatures rose too high according to Rossi.
None of the guests invited to the demonstration, other than the customer’s representatives, were allowed to check the measurements or were allowed to observe the plant in operation for more than a brief amount of time. 

Yes - It's a Breakthrough!

Rossi's testing of the 1 MW plant is currently being tested by his mysterious customer.
Self sustaining mode has been achieved with a production of 470 KW. Not quite the expected output but conclusive evidence that something wonderful his happening.
Reporters from the Associated Press were on-hand during the event. According to Daniel Passerini, A.P. has an exclusive for today but will expire tonight thereby allowing other news agencies to cover this.
Video of the event has been created. Those in attendace have been filmed but the engineers for the Custmer refused to be filmed.
A brief interview video has just been posted with Rossi  agreeing that this is a breakthrough in energy production.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Andrea Rossi Finishing Touches on the 1 MW Plant

In some last minute comments on the journal-of-nuclear-physics website, Rossi offers us a “A-OK” for tomorrow’s event.
Following a number of days, weeks and months of pressure preparing for the deadline of tomorrow’s customer acceptance testing, Rossi indicates that the Plant is ready to go and a he is felling a bit of a relief.
The Customer representatives are scheduled to arrive shortly for some final reviews prior to the commencement of the testing process.

·  Andrea Rossi
Dear RockEye:
Thank you: now it’s 4 p.m. of the 27th, and we are finishing the cosmetics of the plant. I think tomorrow we will make, with the help of God, a good job. My work, basically, is finished. Within one hour the Consultants of the Customer will arrive to start the check of all the parts of the plant and prepare all their stuff for the test of tomorrow. Until some hour ago I felt a strong pressure, now, at the eve of the battle, as usual, I am recovering all my coldness and calm. We are ready.
Warm Regards,

Godspeed Andrea Rossi and to your 1 MW Energy Plant.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Prof. Sergio Focardi on the E-Cat - An Energy Revolution

A new video from that mysterious has just emerged interviewing Sergio Focardi, professor emeritus of Bologna University.
Professor Focardi was instrumental in discovering the process which is utilized in Rossi’s E-cat energy catalyzer
In summary, he express that the energy problems of society will be solved by this system and energy will exist forever with this system.
He acknowledges that this is the beginning of an energy revolution and that most people are unaware of the ramifications of this technology.
Also that all energy producing systems that are currently used today will be gone within 150 years.
In concludes that all materials utilized in the E-Cat are readily available in vast quantities and their existence would be inexhaustible. Unlike fossil fuels like natural gas, coal and petroleum which have a very limited reserves for the world’s needs – peak oil. 

Exciting times ahead.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

While away time to Firday

The question keeps coming up of who this mysterious buyer of Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat is but the answers are sill speculative.
Rossi has refused to give out any tangible information other than alluding to it being an entity of some significance.

Posters to the many blogs related to Rossi and the E-Cat are considering that it may anything from an Italian based manufacturer to a large multinational conglomerate.
A very good analysis on the matter is available on

In reading the various blogs it’s becoming apparent that the naysayers and skeptics have pretty much quieted down. Initially, they were mocking Rossi and his invention – now they’ve apparently joined in the ranks of the believers.

Tempered excitement of what will occur with Friday’s event has been the overall impression. I imagine that many people following the E-Cat are waiting with baited breath, barely able to contain themselves.
I for one am. It certainly would be delightful to receive some significant news Friday. Not just that the unknown customer’s validation testing has commenced, but also that there is some real signs of genuine validity. Not second or third-hand reporting on the outcome of the testing but how about a live streaming video feed so we can watch? Rossi had once discussed that there was a possibility of this but it was soon dampened with reports that the customer wanted minimal disclosure to the public.

Over the last several months there have only been a handful of witnesses to the actual operation of the catalyzer, and more recently, to the 1mw plant.
I personally believe in the E-Cat’s operation and that the effect is reproducible and the ramifications to industry, the benefit to mankind and the health of this planet. The actual theory of its operation may take additional time to formulate.

Apparently many of us following this behave as evangelical followers trying to persuade other people to also become aware of the significance promised in the E-Cat. We ourselves have already recognize the earth shattering ramification and wish to enlighten others.
That’s a somewhat difficult task without mainstream media’s help.

There still is scant coverage from any significant media.
Oh yes, there have been some news articles on Wired On-line and other technically oriented news providers. The Forbes article did some good, I’m sure, to offer a hint to the more capitalistic minded individuals of society. But little else is making it to large circulation media like television and newspapers.

It also is concluded that Rossi could really care less about the media and it’s dearth of coverage about his invention. He has more important business to attend to in these final few days remaining.

But selfishly, I wouldn’t mind seeing a little coverage of the E-Cat in Time Magazine or a piece airing on ABC’s World News, or on the CNN Channel!  

Thursday, October 20, 2011

In One Week’s Time, We’ll All Know

One week from tomorrow Rossi is expected to have his mysterious customer begin the testing of the 1 MW plant.
It had been stated from the beginning that Rossi would only be paid for the plant after the Customer validated that it worked as described.
The formal testing was to take approximately 2 months to complete after which the Customer would either accept the product (and pay Rossi) or reject it.
Originally it was to have been Defkalion Green Technologies as the customer and the tests were to be in located in Xanthi, Greece. This was also to be the site of the manufacturing of the E-Cats.
But things changed and Defkalion fell out of the picture as there were some contractual issues that had arose between Rossi and Defkalion.
Around the same time it was announced by Rossi that a 1 MW plant would be built in the US.
Speculation was high that it would be for the US client that AmpEnergo had a hand in bringing to the table.
That customer was to be a very large and powerful entity.
It was speculated that because of the connections that the key people of AmpEnergo had with the Department of Energy, it would be a significant player.
Things have changed once again.
As we know, the only 1 MW plant is still in Bologna. Unless Rossi had some clandestine operation secretly building a second plant in the U.S. at the same time as the one in Italy, it would appear that next week's customer validation testing will commence in Italy.
Andrea Rossi had mentioned having the event covered by live video streaming. That would be a plus.
We who have been following this from the beginning are anxious beyond words.
Scant media coverage has been following this possibly historic event. There was the Wired piece and the recent articles in Forbes, Computer World and Network World. BTW: All three were from the same author - Mark Gibbs. Mark had done more than anyone thus far in spreading the news to the masses. Thanks Mark!
Aside from these, little else is to be had.
Will there be a new world next Friday or will it be the end of another mundane week?
Time is running out on Rossi’s initial promise of inaugurating the plant by the end of October and the world is eager for a conclusion.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Results of the Successful October 6th Test in Bologna are in

Well, it looks as though a total of around 3.5 hours of continual heat produced in self-sustaining mode after an initial run-up of 4 hours to archive self-sustaining.
The results have seemed to quell some of the skeptics out there bu there are still questions and anomalies used in the procedures.
Production of energy was at between 2kW-3kW – around 33% of maximum efficiency. The module is supposed to deliver 27kW of thermal energy.
The real energy production of the device was diminished as there was a significant loss wasted as heat loss with the insulation having been removed.
Total Hydrogen used during the test was about 2 grams
The amount of Ni could not readily be measured as it was internal to the reactor.
If you haven’t seen the results just yet here’s a copy by Mats Lewan of NyTeknik.
The testing finished yesterday around midnight, Italian time.
Rossi and Co. then resumed their work on the 1MW plant this morning at 6:00 AM.

What’s been puzzling me is that the mentioning of a “device producing frequencies” in the summary.
This very question was posed to Andrea Rossi just today and he refuses to commit on this.
·  Dear Francesco Toro:
If the water flow stops for a misfunction, the nickel melts and the reactor cannot work. It’s an intrinsic safety system. Anyway we will provide an emergency water supply, automatically activated through a by pass in case of overheating, to save the charge.
Warm Regards,
·  Andrea Rossi
Dear Sverre Hanch Haslund:
Sorry, it’s confidential.
Warm Regards,
·  Sverre Hanch Haslund
Dear Mr. Rossi,
In Mats Lewan’s detailed report, at 15:53, the following is noted :
“Power to the resistance was set to zero.
A device “producing frequencies” was switched on.
Overall current 432 mA. Voltage 230 V.
Current through resistance was zero, voltage also zero.
From this moment the E-cat ran in self sustained mode.”

Wonder if this as yet unannounced device is something similar to what the Brillouin Energy device utilizes?
The Brillouin device utilizes an “Electro-Magnetic Pulses” of energy which are applied to the pressurized Ni-H to then produce the production of energy.
You can read more about the technology here.

Could that “Secret Catalyst” that has been the constant topic of speculation and consternation by some and it's facts withheld from the public actually be a process applied to the Ni-H in the reactor and not any sort of physical material?

Also, another question made mention today was the weight of the apparatus.The weight of the module has increased with a measured decreased production of power - 3kW.
To this Rossi claims that it’s due to the fact that the added weight of the newly added heat exchanger, lead shielding and thermal insulation that adds up. As far as the power output, the module only had the one reactor unit running during the test whereas the 2 idle reactors could also be utilized.

The story goes that Rossi and the “mysterious” customer are now at an impasse.
The plant was supposed have already been shipped but it is still in Bologna.
Rossi cites that he was advised by his lawyer that there were some discrepancies in the actual terms of the contract and not to agree to it.
Hmmm. Sort of sounds reminiscent of the Defkalion thing.

Rossi emphatically states that there will still be a public unveiling of the 1mW plant somewhere.
I’ve read that it will still be in the US but the shipping time is now a factor and the window of opportunity is diminishing to get it here in time. Maybe it’ll be air shipped to the US. Maybe the plant will actually be demoed in Italy. It’s all up in the air to us, the eagerly awaiting public.
Rossi standing in front of the 1mW plant at yesterday's test

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Rossi’s E-Cat Finally Starts Making Media Headway while Today's Testing Runs

Just read an article on about Rossi and his E-Cat.
"Cold fusion rears its head as 'E-Cat' research promises to change the world"
The article summarizes the beginnings of Cold Fusion research with the Pons and Fleischmann observations and its later media fiasco to the operational process of Rossi’s E-Cat’s and its functioning.
In the article there were various mentioning’s of the possibility of it all being a hoax, Krivit’s flawed analysis against the E-Cat’s validity, the endorsement by the Nobel laureate Brian Josephson, DARPA’s investigations into LENR research, Ampenergo and Defkalion.
It  was interspersed with the US Navel Research Facility previous work into the field and the findings by the two Swedish scientist,Kullander and Essénand the coverage by the Swedish NTeknik magazine confirmations made by the Skeptics Society.
All and all, its the beginning of some reasonable mainstream coverage.

Tweets from today’s test by 

Daniele Passerini at 22passi with his live coverage of the test concurs that the E-Cat is running flawlessly in self sustaining mode and is very impressive to behold.

This just in:
The E-Cat had just been shut down to cool off as was planed for. This will then allow for an open inspection of the apparatus to occur by the scientists and engineers present at today's demonstration.

Hey! The story also fianlly made it to Slashdot with lots of discussion.