Tuesday, October 25, 2011

While away time to Firday

The question keeps coming up of who this mysterious buyer of Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat is but the answers are sill speculative.
Rossi has refused to give out any tangible information other than alluding to it being an entity of some significance.

Posters to the many blogs related to Rossi and the E-Cat are considering that it may anything from an Italian based manufacturer to a large multinational conglomerate.
A very good analysis on the matter is available on ecatnews.net.

In reading the various blogs it’s becoming apparent that the naysayers and skeptics have pretty much quieted down. Initially, they were mocking Rossi and his invention – now they’ve apparently joined in the ranks of the believers.

Tempered excitement of what will occur with Friday’s event has been the overall impression. I imagine that many people following the E-Cat are waiting with baited breath, barely able to contain themselves.
I for one am. It certainly would be delightful to receive some significant news Friday. Not just that the unknown customer’s validation testing has commenced, but also that there is some real signs of genuine validity. Not second or third-hand reporting on the outcome of the testing but how about a live streaming video feed so we can watch? Rossi had once discussed that there was a possibility of this but it was soon dampened with reports that the customer wanted minimal disclosure to the public.

Over the last several months there have only been a handful of witnesses to the actual operation of the catalyzer, and more recently, to the 1mw plant.
I personally believe in the E-Cat’s operation and that the effect is reproducible and the ramifications to industry, the benefit to mankind and the health of this planet. The actual theory of its operation may take additional time to formulate.

Apparently many of us following this behave as evangelical followers trying to persuade other people to also become aware of the significance promised in the E-Cat. We ourselves have already recognize the earth shattering ramification and wish to enlighten others.
That’s a somewhat difficult task without mainstream media’s help.

There still is scant coverage from any significant media.
Oh yes, there have been some news articles on Wired On-line and other technically oriented news providers. The Forbes article did some good, I’m sure, to offer a hint to the more capitalistic minded individuals of society. But little else is making it to large circulation media like television and newspapers.

It also is concluded that Rossi could really care less about the media and it’s dearth of coverage about his invention. He has more important business to attend to in these final few days remaining.

But selfishly, I wouldn’t mind seeing a little coverage of the E-Cat in Time Magazine or a piece airing on ABC’s World News, or on the CNN Channel!  

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