Tuesday, May 31, 2011

12 Nickels = 1 GW

What is it?

Is the process taking place in the E-Cat something like the following:
Atoms of hydrogen must be brought into intimate contact with the atoms of nickel to initiate the fusion process.
But you have to overcome the Coulomb Barrier which would require a sufficient energy level of 10KeV or about 100,000,000 degrees Kelvin.
Then, you would have to confine this process somehow.
The metallic lattice structure of the element nickel seems to be the key to the operation of the E-Cat.
The hydrogen could be trapped in the nickel's lattice structure and confined, especially if the form is some type of nano powder. Bring up the temperature and fusion could be initiated.

For the amount of nickel metal that is the same weight as twelve 5-cent pieces (12 Nickels – around 60 grams), you could theoretically generate 1 Giga Watt of energy!

1.21 GigaWatts?... Great Scott!
Hello Mr. Fusion!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

AmpEnergo is the name of the US company

A new US company named "AmpEnergo" with members tied to the US DOD and DOE will partner with Rossi for the development and marketing of the E-Cats in America.
AmpEnergo was founded by 4 individuals – Karl Norwood, Richard Noceti, Robert Gentile and Graig Cassarino and based at 116-G South River Road, Bedford, New Hampshire 03110.
Gentile was past Assistant Secretary of Energy at the US Dept of Energy in the 1990’s.
They plan to produce a 1-mega watt power generation plant similar to the one expected to be built in Greece and possibly, mobile or off-grid units. They filed with the state of New Hampshire for their business creation on April 6, 2011.
They expect to have something marketable by fall or year-end.

So now there are at least three companies involved with the E-Cat:
Leonardo Technologies co-founded by Rossi,
Defkalion Green Technologies of Greece
and now AmpEnergo of the US.
Craig Cassarino

See the complete article including the interview with Cassarino in the Swedish Nyteknik article

Friday, May 13, 2011

Greece planning to leave the EU?

The speculation was running high after last week's Der Spiegel article on Greece planning on leaving the E.U. The worries caused fallout at Wall Street by increasing the sell-off of the Euro Friday.
Why would the tiny country thats rocked with economic woes want to leave their financial benefactors?

Could it have something to do with fact that Greece's Defkalion Green Technologies' Hyperion being the sole international patent holder (aside from the Americas) of the Rossi E-Cat system?
See the translated article from the original Greek language into English here

Monday, May 9, 2011

Degassing the Nickel is a key to the process

Professor Christos Stremmenos, who taught at the University of Bologna and now the Ambassador to Italy and key into the 1 Mw plant project in Greece. Well, according to the Professor, a past graduate student had found an interesting observation with regards to nickel powder.
Ni powder does not generally absorb much hydrogen gas, but if you degassed Ni powder at a very low pressure and at a temperature of around 900 deg F. for a period of time, all the oxides on the surface of the micro-particles of nickel are eliminated. After charging with hydrogen, the treated Ni powder absorbs a tremendous amount of the gas. Doing so causes a rapid increase in the temperature of the material.
This seems to be a key in the operation of the E-Cat.
What Rossi did was to energize the system through the operation of the catalyzer and also step-up the heat produced. Possibly, by the use of this mysterious catalyst. Possibly by the design of the device. Most likely, by both.
That’s the part that’s within the patent application and why all the mystery until granted.
As the process is better understood, it will be refined to a point of the potential of using it directly on vehicles.

No fake!

How to prove that the E-Cat is for real.

A 5 kw version that the Swedish physicists say "It's a nuclear reaction!"
“In some way a new kind of physics is taking place. It’s enigmatic, but probably no new laws of nature are involved. We believe it is possible to explain the process with known laws of nature,” said Hanno Essén, associate professor of theoretical physics and a lecturer at the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology and chairman of the Swedish Skeptics Society.

Hypothisis on how the E-Cat works

Diagrammatic information on Rossi's E-Cat (in Italian)
Google translated
Very informative and understandable technicals on the operation of the device.
Some mentions of a membrane but Rossi insists that there is no such membrane.
Clearly, a very simple system to reproduce and, possibly, something that a person with some technical skills can accomplish with a meager assortment of tools.
Wow! Can you imagine the implications of this?
What will happen when the backyard hobbyist can build a device which can supply him with virtually unlimited energy for pennies?
What about poor, third-world countries that have no energy infrastructure?
What a game-changer!

Rossi's E-Cat

NASA comments on Ni-H LENR

NASA now says that they have confirmed Piantelli-Focardi's pioneering
LENR work in low energy nuclear reaction. Although they eliminated
Rossi's name from this. Possibly, because he's getting closer to the
actual marketing of this technology and not just the theoretical.
They are "evaluating" this, similar work using Ni-H but they are not
duplicating what Rossi had made.
I think as these news events becomes stronger and more prevalent, corporate and
governmental organizations will start hopping on-board the band wagon so as not to look "caught-off-guard" when news really hits.
People will start asking why? In particular, Americans. Why was this
simple principal not discovered earlier by all those huge entities with
all their funding sources consisting of taxpayer dollars?!?
Billions of dollars poring into all this"hot" fusion research with little or no results. Certainly no practical use other than HUGE lasers that consume mega watts of power. Star power indeed.
Just look at what went into the National Ignition Facility at Lawrence Livermore National Labs.
And to think, I almost went to work there back in the '70's!
Your Government at work.

Legitimate, mainstream news beginning to appear on E-CAT.

Even though this is industry specific, it seems to be a reputable publication that is covering this remarkable news.