Tuesday, May 17, 2011

AmpEnergo is the name of the US company

A new US company named "AmpEnergo" with members tied to the US DOD and DOE will partner with Rossi for the development and marketing of the E-Cats in America.
AmpEnergo was founded by 4 individuals – Karl Norwood, Richard Noceti, Robert Gentile and Graig Cassarino and based at 116-G South River Road, Bedford, New Hampshire 03110.
Gentile was past Assistant Secretary of Energy at the US Dept of Energy in the 1990’s.
They plan to produce a 1-mega watt power generation plant similar to the one expected to be built in Greece and possibly, mobile or off-grid units. They filed with the state of New Hampshire for their business creation on April 6, 2011.
They expect to have something marketable by fall or year-end.

So now there are at least three companies involved with the E-Cat:
Leonardo Technologies co-founded by Rossi,
Defkalion Green Technologies of Greece
and now AmpEnergo of the US.
Craig Cassarino

See the complete article including the interview with Cassarino in the Swedish Nyteknik article

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