Thursday, September 1, 2011

More convincing words from the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency

In a declassified Technology Forecast report from the DIA, it has been reported back in 2009 that-
 “If nuclear reactions in LENR experiments are real and controllable, DIA assesses that whoever produces the first commercialized LENR power source could revolutionize energy production and storage for the future."
Also mentioned in the report:
• If the excess heat from these experiments could be captured and intensified, could LENR be used as a power source for engines, batteries, or other equipment?
• If nuclear particles could be generated and transmute elements, could LENR be used to mitigate hazardous waste or to neutralize weapons of mass destruction?
• If the various modes of energy production could be identified and optimized, could LENR be used to create designer materials or critical resources that are in short supply or serve as a tailored, "dial-a-mode" power source?
• If rapid, explosive energy output can occur in one or several modes, could LENR serve as a new high-energy-density explosive?

Also said in the report– DIA assesses with high confidence that if LENR can produce nuclear-origin energy at room temperatures, this disruptive technology could revolutionize energy production and storage, since nuclear reactions release millions of times more energy per unit mass than do any known chemical fuel.

Why or why hasn't there been any media coverage on this??
Read the report for yourself at Wikipedia

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