Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ready… Set… Go!

The time is fast approaching for the public unveiling of the marvelous Rossi 1-MegaWatt fully-functional steam plant.
1-MW E-Cat energy plant
These photos have been recently surfaced from the Swedish Nyteknik website which has privileged rights to Andrea Rossi and his E-Cat. A video of the plant can also be found at Nyteknik
Steam out
Cold water in...
These photos that were taken at the Bologna assembly plant, show the new configuration of the plant. It now uses a optimized catalyzer that is reported to be self-sustaining (not requiring any external energy source) and produces more power than the originally intended units used in the plant.
In the originally proposed plant, there was to be around 300 smaller and more stable units. Those units also required a slight external power input needed for the creation of the excess power out. The rational by Ing. A. Rossi was that the smaller units were more stable but also required the external exciter or resistance heater energy input. Instead, 52 newer and more efficient units with a higher output of 27 kilowatts are being incorporated into the plant.
The plant, which appears to be a conventional 20 foot shipping container, is now in transit from Italy to the U.S.A. for the still unknown customer or organizational entity.
This “October Surprise” – the unveiling of the New Fire to leading scientists and the general public which have been conspicuous held ignorant by the media of this epoch making device.

What promises to be a historic inauguration of mankind into a new energy age is fast approaching.  

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