Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Waiting in Anticipation

Rossi maintains that a 1 MW plant will delivered within October and that the testing of it and the technology behind it will begin at the same time. And, that the formal testing will last for approximately two months. The scientists who will be in attendance will have full access to the reactor.
The still yet unidentified buyer will then take possession of the plant after their acceptance validation.
The price paid or to be paid to Rossi from this buyer has not been disclosed.
Rossi promises to have photographs of the plant to be available sometime in September.
Rossi may be inviting some worthy members of the public during his unveiling. Supporters and even possibly detractors of his invention may be invited to attend.
Rossi his still faced with the fact that his device only produces heat at this time but that is being addresses. He is looking at other technology that may then convert that heat into usable electricity, obviously, with the greatest possible efficiency.
He still is working hard on perfecting this device with 16 hours per day on those remaining issues.
There may be a plant located somewhere here in California. Rumor has it that it may be located somewhere in the San Francisco Bay area to take advantage of the centralized high-technology environment which is located here. But it just as well may be located elsewhere in the state where land is not at such a premium price.
Rossi also noted that he has been researching cold fusion since 1990 and that he got a burst of energy in 1998. He does not describe what this was.
He is not taking any unsolicited support of help or assistance from the outside of his close partners. Requests to assist Rossi from readers of his blog are being politely refused.
When asked why no one in the main-stream academia here in America has not heard of his invention, Rossi replies that “we have found tremendously good partners in the US”.
Rossi alludes to the fact that his partners here in the US apparently have vast resources and are quite influential.
It’s been reported that Members of the Canadian Minister of Energy are watching this event unfold with the greatest interest.
Job creation his one of the main goals of Rossi’s work. He hopes to generate thousands, if not millions, of jobs in the long term from this technology. WOW, I sure hope so!
Rossi maintains that there is a organization of “snakes” (as he terms them) that repeatedly tries to discredit and ridicule his works. He doesn’t seem at all threaten by them and is adamant that when his working plant is ultimately demonstrated all of these naysayers will be swept away.

So, we'll just sit out and wait for the remaining days to pass by hoping that our expectations are met.

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