Thursday, July 7, 2011

Rossi's answers "why did you select Greece?"

A question was posed to Andrea Rossi during his appearance at the recent Defkalion Green Technologies Press Conference. I thought Rossi’s answers were particularly expressive and stirring and I’d like to chronicle it here. 

“There are two countries in this world that I love, particularly; The USA, because of after a particularly difficult period of in my life (most likely, the Petroldragon affair), I have found the way to realize the dream and to bring on this technology. That is why this technology is born there.” 

“In Greece, I have found a terrific competence and enthusiasm. Starting with Prof. Christos Stremmenos, a professor of physics that teaches at the University of Bologna. He knew about this work and introduced me in Greece. The people of Defakalion, their enthusiasm. I have found here, home.”

“To give to this beloved county, all the help that it needs. Of course, it does not need me – I need Greece.”
“But, now this goes beyond the technology.”
“We will fight with all our efforts to make this technology create jobs and to make a new energy.”
“I am a lover of the history of ancient Greece. And it is a particular satisfying to me that after Greece has enlighten the World with her philosophy and sciences after 25 centuries, we will bring to her the light of this new fire.”

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