Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Defkalion's Alexandros Xanthoulis speaks

An encouraging translated article from E-Cat World describes a recent interview with Defkalion president, Alexandros Xanthoulis.
As related in this article -
During the first 2 weeks of August, a core team consisting of 12 scientists will assemble in Xanthi. They will be primarily focused on developing the company’s lab for research and development needs of Defkalion.
There are some misguided concerns of the local residents in Xanthi that they (Defkalion) were in the process of building a nuclear plant or a nuclear bomb of some type. Also expressed were concerns over dangerous radiation that may emanate from such a facility.  Xanthoulis has been spending time reassuring the residents of the E-Cat’s safe technology and the bonus of employing up to 300 people for the factory.
Job applications are currently being accepted through the Defkalion Green Technologies web site.
The original plan for having three separate facilities or plants has been revised to just a single, large plant comprising of 20,000 sq. meters of area. There will be 3 separate units to the plant. Some of the Hyperion unit’s subsystems like the casing will be outsourced to other manufactures.
They are planning to sell products in Greece after licensing has been received but other undisclosed countries permits or licensing to sell have already been obtained.
Xanthoulis has also described some initial deals with car companies for the research and development of the E-Cat to be applied directly into automobiles.
Defkalion has already made arrangements with 47 other countries to supply them with reactor cores which would be subsequently produced in their respective countries.

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