Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Defkalion to hold news conference on the E-Cat

Defkalion Green Technologies of Greece is holding a press conference on June the 23rd in Greece.
Certain selected individuals were sent out invitations to attend this event discussing news of the planned 1 MW plant being built in Xanthi, Greece and other significant news.
The revolutionary Rossi E-Cat uses nickel metal and hydrogen gas to produce a, still not completely understood, exothermic (heat producing) reaction for months on end with only a single 6 months worth charge of fuel. The heat can be directly used for a building's environmental control or be used to produce steam for powering electrical generators. Single E-Cat devices can be cascaded together to multiply the power produced as is planned at the 1MW Xanthi plant.
The Xanthi plant will produce power to run the plant to allow for the building of more E-Cat devices. They plan to initially produce 40,000 devices the first year with a maximum capacity of 300,000 per year.
There are plans for a second plant to be built in Greece as well.
Defkalion has received the exclusive world-wide rights for the Energy Catalizer save for the Americas from Rossi’s company, Leonardo Technologies.
There is enormously strong initial demand for this technology and as progress continues, the news briefing will touch on some strategic placements for commercial, industrial and consumer use.
It’s interesting to note that Greece is the major supplier of nickel metal in Europe accounting for 83 percent of that continent’s deposit.
What sort of impact will this have on the global energy producers?
Will it cause total calamity in the markets as it completely disrupts the status quo?
How many hundreds of trillions of dollars currently vested in conventional energy production will this and future announcements neutralize?
Total market chaos?
With recent findings of radioactive tritium leaking into groundwater from at least three-quarters of the U.S. nuclear power sites, the timing of this is quite impeccable.

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