Monday, May 9, 2011

Rossi's E-Cat

NASA comments on Ni-H LENR

NASA now says that they have confirmed Piantelli-Focardi's pioneering
LENR work in low energy nuclear reaction. Although they eliminated
Rossi's name from this. Possibly, because he's getting closer to the
actual marketing of this technology and not just the theoretical.
They are "evaluating" this, similar work using Ni-H but they are not
duplicating what Rossi had made.
I think as these news events becomes stronger and more prevalent, corporate and
governmental organizations will start hopping on-board the band wagon so as not to look "caught-off-guard" when news really hits.
People will start asking why? In particular, Americans. Why was this
simple principal not discovered earlier by all those huge entities with
all their funding sources consisting of taxpayer dollars?!?
Billions of dollars poring into all this"hot" fusion research with little or no results. Certainly no practical use other than HUGE lasers that consume mega watts of power. Star power indeed.
Just look at what went into the National Ignition Facility at Lawrence Livermore National Labs.
And to think, I almost went to work there back in the '70's!
Your Government at work.

Legitimate, mainstream news beginning to appear on E-CAT.

Even though this is industry specific, it seems to be a reputable publication that is covering this remarkable news.

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