Monday, May 9, 2011

Degassing the Nickel is a key to the process

Professor Christos Stremmenos, who taught at the University of Bologna and now the Ambassador to Italy and key into the 1 Mw plant project in Greece. Well, according to the Professor, a past graduate student had found an interesting observation with regards to nickel powder.
Ni powder does not generally absorb much hydrogen gas, but if you degassed Ni powder at a very low pressure and at a temperature of around 900 deg F. for a period of time, all the oxides on the surface of the micro-particles of nickel are eliminated. After charging with hydrogen, the treated Ni powder absorbs a tremendous amount of the gas. Doing so causes a rapid increase in the temperature of the material.
This seems to be a key in the operation of the E-Cat.
What Rossi did was to energize the system through the operation of the catalyzer and also step-up the heat produced. Possibly, by the use of this mysterious catalyst. Possibly by the design of the device. Most likely, by both.
That’s the part that’s within the patent application and why all the mystery until granted.
As the process is better understood, it will be refined to a point of the potential of using it directly on vehicles.

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