Tuesday, January 14, 2014

BlackLight Power Announces an Incredible Feat of Producing Power from Water

A press release announcement made today of producing power from ordinary water has the world of LENR spinning.
Could this mark further evidence of the Rossi effect or something completely different and as of yet, unknown.

BlackLight Power, Inc. (BLP) announced this morning that it has produced millions of watts of power with a new breakthrough technology called "Solid Fuel-Catalyst-Induced-Hydrino-Transition" (SF-CIHT) at its laboratories in Cranbury, NJ.

Using a proprietary water-based solid fuel confined by two electrodes of a SF-CIHT cell, and applying a current of 12,000 amps through the fuel, water ignites into an extraordinary flash of power. The fuel can be continuously fed into the electrodes to continuously output power.
BlackLight claims to have produced millions of watts of power in a volume that is one ten thousandths of a liter corresponding to a power density of over an astonishing 10 billion watts per liter.

Plans to broadcast a live video stream of this breakthrough transformational power technology demonstration  can be viewed online, hosted by BlackLight on January 28th at 11 AM.
More details and updates to this will be posted at the company website (http://www.blacklightpower.com/).
Also, if your interested in attending this in person, contact BlackLight to preregister for this limited availability event

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