Wednesday, December 28, 2011


So much has been written of the Energy Catalyser of late that it’s becoming harder to discern any real credible and noteworthy news - to separate the wheat from the chaff, so to speak.

I’ve withheld any recent posts to this modest blog as I feel it is somewhat irresponsible to continue to espouse on some E-Cat related news reports that may only be hyperbole.
So instead, I’ve been reading through other’s blogs looking for any items which I may have not been aware of.

One which I’ve just happened to begin reading again was Steven Krivit’s New Energy Times Blog.
The only reason that I happened on it was reading my web logs and noticing considerable traffic being referred from this site.

I noticed that he had a recent post which claims that the multitude of Rossi, E-Cat, LENR pages that recently surfaced is due to a form of “tribalization”.

My blog was listed along with many other blogs supportive to Andrea Rossi and the potential of his invention had been posted under the tagline of “The E-Cat Tribe”.

According to a quotation in his post from Ugo Bardi of the University of Florence, it would appear that if something spurs a flurry of great interest within cyberspace it becomes a “virtual tribe”. Basically, all just repeating the same thing others have recently reported. Funny, I thought thats how the Internet worked and things of interest whether relevant and topical,  or not,  goes “viral”.

I imagine that it annoys the likes of someone so predisposed to a ridged scientific approach to any unfounded claims of a means of revolutionary energy production.

Regardless, I thank Mr. Krivit for his generosity, unintentional as it probably was.


  1. In the final analysis it will not matter what others think about Mister Rossi's E-Cat device, it is either real or fantasy, he has said the world will find out that his invention is real, within a year. Time will be the cure for this "not knowing", disease, more will be known, and certain parties will either be backpedaling while making excuses, or perhaps celebrating the dawn of a new age for all of Humankind.

  2. Krivit got the wrong impression when visiting Rossi, and believes him a fraud. He really put his journalistic reputation at stake on the belief that Rossi is a fraud. Of course he is smug, because he thinks we are lemmings and that he knows something we don't know.

    All I gotta say is Krivit better be right that Rossi is a fraud, because otherwise his name will be Mudd.