Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Rossi’s Approach to Commercialization

In reading Rossi’s blog, what seems to be emerging is a multi-step plan for commercialization of the technology.
Firstly, Rossi wants to research and develop electrical power plants. He intends to do this while marketing the first generation 1 MW thermal plants.
Next, he wants to concentrate his efforts in optimizing the manufacturing process for the catalyzers.
As theses first units are all hand built I would imagine that refinements made in manufacturing process would lead to a lower cost per unit.
He envisions selling the electrical power plants immediately followed by selling the household plants.

As the cold winter weather is fast approaching for many in the mid and Eastern portions of the US, any announcement of the E-Cat would be a great interest.
In a recent piece done by NPR, oil prices are expected to spike to an all time record this winter.
The price of crude oil has skyrocketed up 40 percent.
Most of the explanation for the surge in price is due to the overly expanding markets in India and China.
The oil market is tighter and there is a very strong demand for product and there may be some shortages of oil supplies as the cold weather sets in.

It’s a serious situation as people look for any alternatives to keeping warm.
Desperation is rampant as people look for alternatives such as getting space heaters. These can be hazardous if not properly installed with adequate ventilation required to exhaust to CO (carbon monoxide) products.
Natural gas prices are expected to be somewhat lower this year as supplies are good but any unusually cold winter weather would wipe out any savings.

If Andrea Rossi can get the home version of the thermal heating plant out the door as fast as possible, it would be a boon for those of us in colder climes.  

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  1. The only reason Rossi feels he has to go it alone is that corporations haven't yet beaten a path to his door to license it. Once the "too good to be true" and "it violates the laws of physics" phase is over, companies around the world will pour tremendous resources into LENR R&D. Rossi primary claim to fame is being the first to successfully commercialize LENR, overcoming the dogma of conventional wisdom and the naysayers.

    When countless teams of engineers get their hands of LENR, Rossi's designs will look rather primitive (which by the way Rossi already conceded). Rossi is Prometheus - but it took a corporation's R&D team to give us the Bic lighter.