Friday, October 28, 2011

Yes - It's a Breakthrough!

Rossi's testing of the 1 MW plant is currently being tested by his mysterious customer.
Self sustaining mode has been achieved with a production of 470 KW. Not quite the expected output but conclusive evidence that something wonderful his happening.
Reporters from the Associated Press were on-hand during the event. According to Daniel Passerini, A.P. has an exclusive for today but will expire tonight thereby allowing other news agencies to cover this.
Video of the event has been created. Those in attendace have been filmed but the engineers for the Custmer refused to be filmed.
A brief interview video has just been posted with Rossi  agreeing that this is a breakthrough in energy production.


  1. Great step for Mr Rossi
    Great hopes for the rest of us

  2. We really need to see what AP has to say about this and we REALLY need to know who the secret customer was who bought the technology. There's a dearth of information out there on today's test. Even the site doesn't really point us in the direction of other sites who might be able to give us an independent analysis of today's test. I've been waiting for months for this day so why does it seem like there's only about 1000 people on the planet who even know about this and/or care?